Steel Construction IV - Ultimate Load Design

Here you can find a compilation of all information about our master module Steel Construction IV – Ultimate Load Design

Module Description

In the lecture Steel Construction IV – Ultimate Load Design, an introduction is given to the determination of the ultimate load of plane steel beam structures. The fully plastic cross-section values including the moment-shear force-normal force interaction are dealt with and the plastic hinge theory is discussed in more detail.

Subsequently, the displacement method according to the first order theory is presented. This is followed by the extension of the displacement method to the second order theory as well as the integration of the plastic hinge theory.

Date Content Room
1 18.10.2023 Theory of plasticity, plastic hinge theory, yield zones L5|06 11
2 25.10.2023 M-N-V-Interaction, plastic-rotation angle L5|06 11
3 01.11.2023 Plastic hinge theory (1st order), ultimate load theorems L5|06 11
08.11.2023 No lecture
4 15.11.2023 Combinations of basic kinematic systems/ Auditorium Exercise 1a L5|06 11
5 22.11.2023 Auditorium exercise 1b L5|06 11
6 29.11.2023 Displacement Method – 2nd order theory
L5|06 11
7 06.12.2023 Displacement Method – 2nd order theory
basic equations
L5|06 11
8 13.12.2023 Node equilibrium and kinematic mode equation L5|06 11
Christmas break
9 10.01.2024 System equilibrium according to 2nd order theory L5|06 11
10 17.01.2024 Second auditorium exercise L5|06 11
11 24.01.2024 Buckling analysis using the displacement method L5|06 11
12 31.01.2024 2nd order plastic hinge theory L5|06 11
13 07.02.2024 Third auditorium exercise L5|06 11
12.02.2024 Kick-off meeting of the ultimate load seminar
(grouping and assignments)
L5|06 11
12.02. – 16.02.2024 Ultimate load seminar L5|01 43, 45a, 45b
Lectures: Wednesday 11:40 – 13:10 o'clock
The lecture is held in English.
Recordings: Recordings in German for all lectures are given in Moodle.


Until further notice all consultation hours of the teaching assistants are held via Zoom. You can find the link at Lehre Aktuelles or in the Moodle-Course.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Lange on appointment
Eric Man Pradhan, M.Sc.,. Monday to Friday
12:30 – 13:30
Student teaching assistants
starting with the first homework
Sebastian Lößl tba

Accompanying the lecture two homework assignments and the “ultimate load seminar” have to be passed..

The following rules for the homework assignments are applied:

The homework assignments can be handed in in groups of up to three persons.

Submission of homework: on the respective submission date via submission of a pdf-file in Moodle. The pdf-file has to be named as follows: „Last name1_Last name2_Last name3_No. of the Homework“.
The submission dates can be found on the assignment sheets.

Marking of homework: The homework assignments will be marked to the date indicated on each exercise. The results will be announced via Moodle.

Marking of resubmissions: The resubmitted homework will be marked to the date indicated on the assignment sheets. The results will be announced via Moodle.

Handing out of the assignments: The results will be announced via Moodle.

Submissions and resubmissions which are delayed will be rated as “failed”.

The following rules for the ultimate load seminar are applied:

For grading purposes the participation at the oral final colloquium is compulsory. The participation at the seminar is not compulsory but recommended.

The exercise of the ultimate load seminar is worked on in threes.

The registration for the ultimate load seminar and the allocation of the groups will be done via Moodle (forwarding). Further information about the course of the seminar will also be announced there.


Notes for the exam Permitted aids: literature, lecture notes, etc., programmable calculators.
All information on the rules and procedure of the examinations can be found on the information sheet.Hinweiszettel (opens in new tab)
Date: March 1st, 2023
Time and place: Will be given at Lehre Aktuelles
Registration: Online via Tucan.
Exam review: Dates will be given at Lehre Aktuelles .

Materials such as comprehensive lecture notes (in German and English), recordings (in German), lecture slides, homework and auditorium exercises as well as the administration of the course are provided via Moodle. Access to the course requires registration for the course via TuCan or Moodle.

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