Steel Construction III - Detailing and Design of Steel Structures

Here you can find a compilation of all information on our master module Steel Construction III – Detailing and Design of Steel Structures.

Module Description

The following topics are covered in the lecture Steel Construction III – Detailing and Design of Steel Structures:

Design and dimensioning of steel structures in building, crane and bridge construction. The design topics addressed in the lectures “Steel Construction I” and “Steel Construction II” are taken up, supplemented and deepened. Reference is made to the current standards (in particular EC 3 and EC 4). The aim of the lecture is to convey the basic and specific design, construction and dimensioning ideas of steel construction.


  • trussed beams, cables and tendons, Vierendeeltruss
  • pre-tensioned bolts
  • connections without stiffeners
  • composite beams, columns and slabs
  • built-up compression members
  • nodes in lattice trusses using I-sections or hollow core sections
  • cranes and crane supporting structures
  • bridges
  • fatigue strength and through­thickness properties
  • corrosion- and fire-protection
  • trapezoidal profiles and sandwich-panels


Date: Content:
1. 18.10.2023 Vierendeeltruss
2. 23.10.2023 Trussed beams, cables and tendons
3. 25.10.2023 1st Auditorium Exercise + 1st Homework
4. 30.10.2023 Composite beams
5. 01.11.2023 Composite columns
6. 06.11.2023 Composite slabs, connections in composite construction
7. 08.11.2023 2nd Auditorium Exercise + 2nd Homework
8. 13.11.2023 Mechanical models – from design to drawing
9. 15.11.2023 Build-up compression members
10. 20.11.2023 Connections without stiffeners, haunched frames
11. 22.11.2023 Nodes in lattice trusses using I-sections
12. 27.11.2023 Nodes in lattice trusses using hollow core sections
13. 29.11.2023 3rd Auditorium Exercise + 3rd Homework
14. 04.12.2023 Plate buckling
15. 06.12.2023 Plate buckling 2
16. 11.12.2023 4th Auditorium Exercise + 4th Homework
17. 13.12.2023 Fatigue strength 1
18. 18.12.2023 Bridges
19. 20.12.2023 Fatigue strength 2
christmas break (27.12.2023 bis 06.01.2024)
20. 08.01.2024 Cranes and crane supporting structures
21. 10.01.2024 Material toughness and through­thickness properties
22. 15.01.2024 5th Auditorium Exercise + 5th Homework
23. 17.01.2024 Pre-tensioned bolts
24. 22.01.2024 Trapezoidal profiles and sandwich-panels
25. 24.01.2024 Corrosion- and fire-protection
26. 29.01.2024 6th Auditorium Exercise + 6th Homework
27. 31.01.2024 Scaffolding
Lectures: Monday 11:40 -13:20 o'clock, L5|06 11
Wednesday 8:00 – 9:40 o'clock, L5|06 11
The lecture is held in English.
Recordings: Recordings in German for all lectures are given in Moodle.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Lange
Sprechstunden: nach Vereinbarung
Organisatorische Fragen und Übungsbetreuung:
Annalena Kühn
Philipp Grebner
Benedikt Waldschmitt
alle wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter
Montag bis Donnerstag, 13:00 – 14:00 Uhr
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Accompanying the lecture, 6 homework assignments are offered. 5 of these 6 homeworks have to be passed. The homework can be done by two persons together. The following conditions apply to the homework:

Submission of homework: On the respective submission date via submission in Moodle. The submission deadlines can be found on the assignment sheets.

Marking of homework: The homework assignments will be marked to the date indicated on each exercise. The results will be announced via Moodle.

Marking of resubmissions: The resubmitted homework will be marked to the date indicated on the assignment sheets. The results will be announced via Moodle.

Handing out of the assignments: The results will be announced via Moodle.

Submissions and resubmissions which are delayed will be rated as “failed”.


Notes for the exam: Permitted aids: literature, lecture notes, etc., programmable calculators.
All information on the rules and procedure of the examinations can be found on the information sheet.Hinweiszettel (opens in new tab)
Date: 22.03.2024
Time and place: Will be given at Lehre Aktuelles .
Registration: Online via Tucan.
Exam review: Dates will be given at Lehre Aktuelles .

Materials such as comprehensive lecture notes (in German and English), recordings (in German), lecture slides, homework and auditorium exercises as well as the administration of the course are provided via Moodle. Access to the course requires registration for the course via TuCan or Moodle.

Currently no English literature is recommended.

The course Steel Construction III – Detailing and Design of Steel Structures is offered every winter semester. The course is held in English.